The world would be a better place if global businesses were synergized and empowered by stronger networks and relationships between China and the United States.


By connecting decision-makers across the United States and China, the China-U.S. SkyClub will provide a platform for high-level dialogue and a place where business ambitions are synergized.


Our logo symbolizes the coming together of Chinese and American businesses to form greater relationships, gain mutual understanding and achieve shared goals.

The open-ended transversal lines in contrasting colors represent the meeting of different perspectives and ideas, juxtaposing the complexity and harmony of the two cultures.


The China-U.S.SkyClub will be the highest business club in the world, located on 89th floor of One World Trade Center-New York City's iconic landmark and the tallest building in the Western hemisphere.

Located in the rejuvenated financial district of Wall Street, the Club stands amongst long-standing institutions like the New York Stock Exchange, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as well as Goldman Sachs. Not to mention other notable corporations in the New York Lower Manhattan area such as Condé Nast, Moody's and shopping complexes like Brookfield Place and the Westfield World Trade Center Square.

Taking US$4 billion and 12 years to construct, the World Trade Center Transportation Hub (the Oculus) designed by world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava resembles a bird flying from the hands of a child. The state-of-the-art structure will connect 11 different subway lines that run between New York City and New Jersey and brings together bus exchanges, shopping centers and an integrated pedestrian network, all in one central location.

A view from the Oculus

  • Wall Street

  • Landscape view of Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and East RiverA view from the Oculus

Landscape view of Empire State Building and Midtown Manhattan from inside